Monday, 08 August 2022
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International Textile Competition

ST.PETERSBURG ART WEEK will take place in the in the heart of St. Petersburg!
Att: There are two ways of participation: IN ABSENTIA (online) and IN PERSON (internal way).
EXHIBITION DATES: June 22-27, 2021 (12:00-19:00) (This is the period of the White Nights!)
Address: Central Art Exhibition Hall of the St.Petersburg Union of Artists (h.38, Bolshaya Morskaya str., St.Petersburg).
Publications: All artworks will be published in the international catalog "New Faces in Arts". 
I. Nominations of the International Textile Contest:
a) Embroidery
b) Lace and knitting
c) felting and braiding
d) Textile painting and panel
e) Prints
g) Batic
h) Weaving
II.Technical requirements (materials and measures):
1) Participants should submit originals, copies or photoscans of their works.
2) Participants can use any kind of materials.
3) Competitive work is a single work or a group of objects united by common idea (up to 5 objects).
4) Competitive works are to be presented in the form of:
- canvas / sheet (not exceeding over 150cm in length, width or high)
- digital copy (.jpeg or .tiff, not less 200dpi, up to 20 Mb),
5) a label should be fixed on the right lower corner of each list where the following should be mentioned: a) author's (co-authors') full name; b) category and nomination; c) title of work; d) technique; e) size (cm); f) City; g) year of creation
6) Work’s presented in on-line form (digital forms) are printed and accommodated in the exposition.
III. Estimation criteria:
Expressiveness, composition and innovation. Competitive works are judged by ten-point system.
Registration deadline: June 13, 2021.
There are two ways to participate: IN ABSENTIA (online) and IN PERSON (internal way).
Participants should send the following documents:
1) application form (download Word, PDF);
2) a label for each artwork (download Word, PDF)
3) photo of the competitive artwork;
4) a copy of Participation Fee payment (see "Participation Fee").
5) author's and co-author's photos;
6) CV and art work description (optional)
Documents should be sent by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Professional categories:
1) "Student" category: university, high school, college students and graduates (no longer than 1 year ago)
2) "Professional" category: practitioners in arts, professors, organizations, graduates (more than 1 year ago)
3) "Amateur" category: people whose hobby is art, without special art education.
These categories are exposed and appraised separately.